Hello, I’m Neil and I write comedy

I created and run ‘Screen Idle’, a movie satire site that has had over half a million pageviews since launch. I also write regularly for Viz comic and Newsthump. 

I’ve written and produced a number of sitcoms that I’ve released as podcasts which have had combined downloads of over 50,000. 

I’ve won a Sitcom Trials competition, and reached the shortlist of the Sitcom Mission competition. 

I ran a parody twitter account that attracted 10,000 followers and have contributed to a variety of sketch shows. 

I feature in Viz, amongst others

I have regularly written news articles in the hugely popular Viz comic for five years or so, including one about a well-known terrorist organisation that failed its audit examination, headlined ‘ISIS CRISIS DUE TO ISO NO-NO.’ 

Most days, I write an article for Newsthump – ‘Britain’s second favourite Onion knock-off’ – a popular satire website. One particular article received over 3 million hits and remains the website’s most popular article. 

Several years ago, I created ‘Screen Idle’ a gently satirical website about movies, TV and videogames. Several articles have gone viral, including one about the new James Bond film endlessly being delayed that has received over 100,000 pageviews. 

I’ve created several sitcoms

Off Target, Cooper, and Director’s Commentary: The Sheridan Monkhouse Collection are all sitcoms that I’ve written, recorded with semi-professional actors and released as podcasts. Off Target proved particularly popular with tens of thousands of downloads. 

A sitcom script, entitled ‘Alice and the Genie’ won a Sitcom Trials competition and a record store-themed sitcom reached the shortlist for the Sitcom Mission competition. 

For several years, I ran a popular twitter account that satirised Southern Rail. At its peak, it had over ten thousand followers. 

I was on the writing team that wrote for ‘Damn the Torpedoes!’ – A military themed sketch show broadcast on British Forces Broadcast Service radio, and ‘Live From Kirrin Island’, an award-nominated sketch podcast. 

I’ve also had material broadcast on BBC’s Newsjack, and have been a regular contributor to the sketch shows Newsrevue, Treason Show, Beyond a Joke and Sydney-based revue show Note Quite Cabaret  

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